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Scientific and practical center of NAS of Belarus for mechanization of agriculture is the link between agricultural engineering and agricultural production. We create modern high-performance equipment as the basis of intensive technologies that require innovative approaches to the development of the theory and practice of agriculture.

26 January 2017 г.

Congratulations with the day of Belarusian science

10 November 2016 г.

Our new catalogue

Click to see/download the newest version of our catalogue of innovative technology support for farming sector in the Republic of Belarus(18,5 Mb)

30 January 2014 г.


Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Shumilin has paid a visit to the RUE “SPC of the NAS of Belarus for Agriculture Mechanization”

28 January 2014 г.

Energy saving in technologies of postharvest processing of grain and seeds

The basis for national security is a solid provision of population with domestic foodstuff produced within a preset volume. The grain is given the highest significance as it is socially most important strategic product. Therefore every kind of increases in grain production on the basis of using intensive technologies of cultivation is a first priority task of agro-industrial complex of Belarus.

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New machinery - self-propelled one-thread turner of flax ribbons

Combined far-reaching aggregate AKSH-9

New machinery - self-propelled one-thread baling machine with a cab

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