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Acceptance-sorting station PPS20–45 and PPS20–60

The stations are used to accept potato, onion and roots from dump trucks with back unloading. The machines partially separate soil clots, tiny and seed fractions. And they load roots in containers and deliver on loading containers.

The acceptance-sorting stations are reliable and safe. They operate in a cautious and accurate way with potato of different forms, onion, carrot and beet root.

Technical feature

  PPS20–45 PPS20–60
Efficiency, ton Up to 50 Up to 50
Overall dimension(LxWxH), mm, not more 6800x3100x2900 8300x3100x3100
Station’s capacity, m3 9.5 16.0
Loading height, cm 85–100 85–100
Width of delivering conveyer, mm 2000 2000
Length of delivering conveyer, mm 4500 6000
Moving speed of delivering conveyor, m/min 0.5–400 0.5–400
Number of separator’s rolls 14 14
Width of separator, mm 2000 2000
Number of fractions 3/4 3/4
Gaps between rolls, mm 5–55 5–55
Engine power, kilowatt 10 15