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All-to-do vegetable cultivator KO-2.8

Used to care for the crops (planting) of vegetables and other tilled crops on smooth and shaped surfaces. Can be used in zones of vegetable cultivation, including soils fouled with stones. The set of operative parts includes: a number of center hoes on spring S-shaped stands with or without spring fingers; protective disks; rotary harrows (BRU-0.7); body for additional earthing up.

Endorsement for the useable model from 30.04.2010.

Technical Feature

Unitized with a tractor class1,4
Efficiency in 1 hour, hectare 1,1–2,2
Operating speed, km per hour. 4–8
Number of rows cultivated 4
Width of space between rows, cm 70
Depth of cultivation, cm 2–5
Weight, kg 500