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Combine for cabbage harvesting KKP-1

Used for the harvesting of one cabbage row with spaces between rows 70 cm, on shaped and smooth surfaces adding ready sale look to heads of cabbage and further loading in containers or transport means that move in parallel with the combine. The combine makes the scrapping of small cabbage heads.

The finalization of cabbage heads is done by an operator. The combine is used to harvest cabbage for realization and storage.

The management of the technological processes: row directing, lifting and drop of the cutter with unloading conveyer is done by a driver with control panel in the tractor cabin.


Technical feature

Type Partial add-on
Unitized with tractor, class 1,4
Number of rows harvested 1
Operating speed, km/h 4–6
Efficiency per 1 prime time hour, he/h, not less 0,21
Specific fuel consumption, kg/he, not more 0,72
Harvesting fullness, %, not less 97
Weight, kg 2000