Combined soil-cultivation machine AKSh-9 - РУП «НПЦ НАН Беларуси по механизации сельского хозяйства»
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Combined soil-cultivation machine AKSh-9

Used for presowing cultivation of all types of mineral soils. Molder, smooth and roll-on soil in one go with making tightened bed for seeds in sowing layer
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Technical Feature

Type half add-on
Unitized with a tractor class 5
Efficiency in 1 hour, hectare 7,2–12,4
Operating speed, km per h 8,0–13,8
Coverage, m 9
Depth by cultivating soils, cm от 5 до 8
Weight, kg 7000/7275

The price is subject to negotiation.
The offers to buy hardware send by fax: +375–17–280–89–07

The company details:
“The Pilot Works” of the State Unitary Enterprise “SPC NAS of Belarus for Agricultural Mechanization”
Republic of Belarus 220049, Minsk, Knorina Str., 1а;
ph.: + 375 17 2–80–39–11;
fax: + 375 17 280–46–06; +375–17–280–89–07.