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Combined soil-cultivation Set AKP-3

The combine is used for the presowing cultivation of average and solid mineral soils that are disposed towards the formation of solid soil clots after the majoir cultivation on the soils not fouled with stones. Molder, smooth and roll-on soil in one go with making tightened bed for seeds in sowing layer.

Technical Feature

Unitized with a tractor class 3
Type seeding
Coverage, m 3,0
Operating speed, km per h 4–7
Operational efficiency, hectare 0,9–1,6
Depth by cultivating soils, cm 10–12
Texture of loosened soil (portion of soil clots in 25 mm), % не менее 80
Count of cultivated soil layer (0–5 cm), gr per cm 1,0–1,3
Ridgyness of cultivated soil layer, cm 2,0
Fuel consumption, kg per hectare 13–15
Weight, kg 2150