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Cultivator-hiller-ridger OKG- 4

Used for rest-balks cutting and potato cultivation with spaces between rows 70, 75 and 90 cm on all soil types.

The set of operating elements of cultivator-ridger consists of chisels for rough soil molding in the centre (by furrow cutting), earth up devices with changeable geometry, rotation harrows and spring racks for crushing of surface soil layer on sides and ridge tops, and combing out of weeds.

Resilient bays of the earth up devices provide an efficient protection from stones. The changeable geometry of the earth up devices enables to turn soil layer and regulate its putting on ridge, adjusting to physical and mechanical soil properties on a certain field.

Technical feature

Type Add-on
Unitized with tractor, class 1,4
Efficiency per 1 prime time hour, he 2,0–2,7
Spaces between rows, cm 2,8(3,0) and 3,6
Spaces between rows, cm 70 (75) and 90
Ravage of weeds, %, not less:

  • in spaces between rows
  • on tops
Weight, kg 900