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Digger-swather for onion KL-1,4A

Digger-swather of onion is used for sapping of onion sets that is cultivated both on shaped and plain field surfaces with spaces between rows 28, 45 and 70 cm, partial onion separation from soil and onion laying on the surface of the harvested field.

The digging body of the machine is an active tetrahedral beater that provides a quality onion sapping by a minimal soil receipt on the separating elevators. The machine’s structure includes: heaping up blade beater, supporting regulation wheels, spring roller, elongated elements of swathes’ former shaper, separation elevators on rubber-cord ribbon, disk cutters.

The complete set can include beam plowshare that after the realignment of operating bodies enables to dig up 2 potato rows on spaces between rows 70cm.

Technical feature

Type Add-on
Unitized with tractor, class 1,4
Efficiency per 1 prime time hour, he 0,42…0,98
Completeness of onion harvesting, %, not less 97
Onion damage, % (by mass), not more 2
Weight, kg 850