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Equipment package for super-concentrate preparation OS-3

Used for the preparation of super-concentrate (protein and mineral additives) from local raw materials. Provides acceptance of primary product from dump trucks and their unloading in supply bunkers, delivery of raw materials from supply bunkers into the bunker for dry forage, its technological weighing by manual and automated mode, delivery of raw material in mixer, additive loading in mixer by manual discharge, components mixing and the prepared mixture unloading from the mixer with manual package.

Technical feature

Efficiency, t/h2,55
Blending homogeneity, %85
Basic components8
Maximum weigh limit, kg500
Minimum weight limit, kg50
Division value, kg0,5
Error by weighting::

  • 50 — 250, % of 250 кг
  • 250 — 500, % nominal mass
Installed electromotor power, kW70
Power consumption, kW-h/t14,1
Weight, kg12000