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Grain-drying machines MZU-40, MZU-60

Grain-drying machines MZU-40, MZU-60 are used for precleaning, initial and additional cleaning of grain and seeds of cereals, leguminous plants and rape. Operated as a unit of grain-cleaning and –drying complexes and separate lines.

Technical feature

Efficiency (for wheat), by precleaning, t/h4050
Efficiency (for wheat), by initial cleaning, t/h1525
Efficiency (for wheat), by additional cleaning, t/h46
Discharge of impurity by precleaning, %5050
Discharge of impurity by initial cleaning, %6060
Discharge of impurity by additional cleaning, %8080
Square of sieves, m23,45,1
Overall dimension (with fence funnel)2325х2275х2340(2900)2325х2275х2340(2900)
Weight, kg19002050