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Haulm gatherer BMK-4–75, BMK-4–90

It is used to harvest potato and haulm with simultaneous chopping. The machine is unitized with tractor of drawback capacity 1,4. The distinctive feature of the machine is the button/charge system that enables both back and front building-block design. The haulm gatherer makes exact laying of the deleted haulm by means of aprons of rotor’s bonnet. The machine’s vanes can move along articulated pin and they are non-sensitive to stones.

Technical feature

  BMK-4–75 BMK-4–90
Type Add-on Add-on
Overall dimension(LxWxH), mm, not more 2100x3250x1400 2100x3800x1400
Unitized with tractor 1.4 1.4
Number of cultivated rows 4 4
Coverage, m 3.0 3.6
Spaces between rows, cm 75 90
Efficiency per 1 prime time hour, ha/h 2.2 2.2
Operative speed, km/h 8 8
Weight, kg 950 1100