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Inductive electrical heater AQUA-ET

Inductive electrical heaters are used in various spheres: house heating, hot water-supply of apartments and huge plants, heating in technological processes of various branches of industry (steam exchange on liquid-phase coolant, capacities heating, oil products, etc.).

Nowadays in industry there used heaters of the power from 15 to 250 kilowatt. There being developed electric heaters of the power 2,5 MWatt.

The standard kitting comprises heater, control cabinet, temperature sensor, reciprocal collet, wrapping. The heater is equipped with non-contact communication system, that considerably increases its reliability.

Characteristic AQUA-ET-15 AQUA-ET-50 AQUA-ET-100 AQUA-ET-250
Power, kilowatt 15 50 100 250
Theramal power, kcal/h 13172 42100 84265 210660
Coefficient of efficiency, % 98 98 98 98
Voltage, Volt x bias frequency, Hz 380х50 380х50 380х50 380х50
Phase current, A 23,5 76 152 386
Overall dimension, mm 435х230х465 650х280х485 1320х385х620 1350х550х630
Weight, kg 75 220 350 750