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Loader-distributor of fodder ZRP-12

Used in production technologies of milk and beef.

Fulfils self-loading with stalk-like fodder, crushed grain, marc, mixed fodder; inputs mineral and vitamin additives; mixes all fodder components; and fulfils dozed distributing to cattle on farms.

The loader-distributor with a meeting block for mineral and vitamin additives make possible to rise efficiency of fodder usage. The distributor is equipped with a loading tray for the loading of crushed grain that enables to use fewer transport means

Technical feature

Unitized with tractor, class 1,4
Bunker capacity, m3 12
Efficiency, t/h:

  • by loading
  • by distributing
Unevenness of the additives’ distribution, %, not more 7
Unevenness of fodder mixing, %, not more 20
Unevenness of fodder distribution, %, not more 20
Specific liquid fuel consumption, kg-h/t, not more 0,45
Overall dimension, mm: 6500х2500х2500
Weight, kg 5400