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Moist crop roller PVZ-30

Crushing machine of wet grain crop PVZ-30 is used for the acceptance of different grain crops of the moisture 25–40%, fore grain crushing with the add-on of liquid preservative, unloading of the crushed mass in a ditch floor storehouse with the further ramming and hermetic sealing from access for air and rainfall; or grain crushing with the add-on of preservative and placing of the crushed mass in polymeric sleeve. The crushing machine is marshaled with rollers for grain crushing of cereal crops and corn grain, lubricating system of gear drive ôBeka-Maxö (Germany), pump-hopper for the add-on of preservative NVU-3(3) (Russia), diffuser for the installation of polymeric sleeve with diameter 2 m (as customer wishes). The machine is compact, service-strong, adjustable, ecologically friendly. Crushing machine PVZ-3 of wet grain crop can substitute import crushing machine ôMurska-1400 S2x2ö.

Patent for invention ╣11221; Patent for usable model ╣3290.


Technical feature

Efficiency, t/hour:  
  • for cereal crop with moisture 30û35%
  • for corn grain with moisture 30û40%
Drive power from the tractor class 2, kVt 60–70
Fuel consumption, kg/t 1.0–1.2
Efficiency in 1 operating hour, hectare 18
Hopper capacity, ∞3 2
Weight, kg 3000