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Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Shumilin has paid a visit to the RUE “SPC of the NAS of Belarus for Agriculture Mechanization” where he and organization’s managers discussed issues of development, execution of tasks of scientific-technical programs and production of new kinds of equipment and produce, as well as personnel training.
In particular, first deputy director general of the Center for Agriculture Mechanization Valery Chebotarev told that the main objective of the team of scientists is to carry out scientific research in the sphere of mechanization of agricultural works, to increase the effectiveness of scientific research and create competitive models of equipment, advanced technology and other kinds of high-end produce.
According to Mr. Chebotarev, Research and Development plan in 2013 included the following tasks: 4 tasks of State Program for Scientific Research “Theoretical and methodological substantiation for developing innovative technologies of agricultural production on the basis of new varieties of agricultural plants, fertilizers, protectants for plants and animals, new approaches to feeding animals, modern energy-saving automated sets of machines and equipment for the processes of production and processing of agricultural produce” (“Innovative technologies within Agro-Industrial Complex”), 2011–2015; 1 task of State Program for Scientific Research “Scientific bases and instruments of information and space technologies” (“Information Science and Space”), 2011–2015; 2 tasks on individual projects of fundamental and applied scientific research; 10 tasks of State Scientific-Technical Programs “Agropromcomplex” (agro-industrial complex), 2013–2015 (subprogram “Agropromcomplex -sustainable development”); 38 tasks of State Scientific-Technical Programs “Agropromcomplex” 2013–2015 (subprogram “Mechanization of production of main agricultural crops”); 12 tasks of All-Union norms of technological design “Import Substitution products”; 1 task of State Scientific-Technical Programs “Machinebuilding”; 14 tasks of Belarusian-Russian program “Mixed fodder”.
         During 2013, based on the results of researches, some 51 documents of title for industrial property were filed, 46 of which were approved; 9 publications and monographs and 194 articles were published (including 32 – abroad); 37 items of new equipment within the framework of the programs were developed and used, — Valery Chebotarev has stressed. 
It is worth mentioning that in the course of the latest 5-year period the Center has been actively developing and putting into practice a complex of machines for production of potato and mixed fodder. Apart from works on mechanization of crops sector, scientists of the Center developed a system of machines for complex mechanization of animal husbandry and poultry sectors.
Developments of the Center’s scientists were finalized and put into production at more than 70 enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. New technologies and machines were widely introduced in more than 50 agricultural enterprises, testing stations and testing grounds of scientific organizations. Scientists have developed a plan for creation of innovative testing grounds. As for today, testing grounds for installation of energy-saving machines and equipment have been launched at the base of “Mozyrselmash” enterprise; for mechanization of feeds preparation, soil cultivation and sowing, crops harvesting and post-harvest treatment of grain, potato growing – at “Techmash” company.
Center for Agriculture Mechanization has also collaborated with more than 30 research and academic organizations from 15 countries: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Austria, Belgium, Venezuela, Denmark, Spain, France, Sweden, Israel and China. The cooperation included execution of contracts and agreements, participation in joint exhibitions, seminars and symposiums. Joint research developments are being realized within the framework of international cooperation.
Press-service of the State Committee on Science and Technology
Photo by A. Maksimov, newspaper “Vedy”