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Ozone plant for local purification of potable water

It is used to prepare water for bottling. The plant functionally consists of interconnected units and aggregates that provide on each process stage of ozone treatment purification and drying of air, ozone synthesis from air oxygen, contact initial and secondary water ozonation by means of bubble method, sorption filtration, and residual ozone destruction before atmospheric emission.


Efficiency concerning water treatment, m3/h, not more 3.5
Efficiency concerning ozone, gram/h 0…20
Ozone-air mix concentration (QBC), gr/m3, not more 10
Water pressure by access to water purification plant, MPa, not less 0.3
Treated water pressure by exit, MPa, not less 0.2
Electricity consumption for water treatment, kilowatt/m3, not more 0.2
Power supply 3~380В; 50 Hz
Weight, kg 300
Overall dimension, mm, not more 600х400х1000