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Preventive irradiator for young growth of pigs OPMS-150

The equipment is used to rise livestock efficiency at the expense of pigs’ daily weight gain.
Preventive irradiation of suction pigs is realized in automatic mode with optical radiation in two biologically active spectral ranges: erythema ultraviolet one and visible range in red spectral region.
The usage of the technology in a piggery for 300 heads increases the pork productivity to 1 ton of live weight of pork during the incubation period (90–105 days). Besides, the power inputs are 3–5 time lower in comparison with the basic technology.

Technical feature

Square of irradiation, m  0,8х1,2
Spectral region of irradiation:

  • ultraviolet, nanometer
  • visible spectral region (red), nanometer
Height of hanging, m 1,2–1,3
Number of sessions per day 3–5
Management of equipment automated
Power of ultraviolet irradiation source, watt 30
Power of light-emitting diode irradiation source, watt 27
Electricity consumption of the equipment for a piggery of 300 heads, kilowatt x hour 0,3–0,96