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Soil-cultivating aggregate AKP-3

Used for the preparation of crop sowing on medium and heavy mineral soils, inclined to clots formation, after the main tillage on soils not fouled with stones. In one go it molders, smoothes and compacts soil with making beds for seeds on sowing layer.

Technical feature

Unitized with tractor, class 3,0
Machine type hinged
Coverage, m 3,0
Operating speed, km/h 4–7
Operating efficiency, he/h 0,9–1,6
Depth of tillage, cm 10–12
Structure of molded soil layer (mass fraction of soil clots under 25 mm), % Not less 80
Density of molded layer (0–5 cm), g/he 1,0–1,3
Ridgity of cultivated soil layer, cm 2,0
Fuel consumption, kg/he 13–15
Weight, kg 2150