The virtual exhibition « Science for production» - РУП «НПЦ НАН Беларуси по механизации сельского хозяйства»
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The virtual exhibition « Science for production»


Services provided:

Cooperation Offers



Machines for Soil Cultivation
Machines and Equipment for Potato Growing
PKM-15 PAN-3,6 SK-4 BMK-4 KKC-2 PPS-20 SPR-10
MSOK-5 KT-40 SKP-40 ZT-40 LFK-1500 Containers
Machines for Flax Growing
Machines and Equipment for Horticulture/Gardening
BS KRSN-1,7 KRSN-2,4 KRSN-2,5–3,0
Equipment for Swine Farms
Machines for Cooling and Temporary Storage of Animal Product
УЗМ-10(3,5,8) ТН-1

Commodity Agricultural Output

Pilot depot Zazerye of the republican Unitary Enterprise SPC NAS of Belarus for Agricultural Mechanization has a possibility to realize:

Availability, tons
Winter triticale
Winter rye
Winter wheat
Winter rape

Contract prices.
Questions on purchasing are addressed to: 222842, Minsk region, Puhovichi province, Soviet of Perezhirskiy village, Zazerye village.
Deputy Director Taletski Siarhei, ph. +375 1713 73032;
dispatcher, ph. +375 1713 73045;

Services Offered

In Engineering Sphere:

  • functions of the client in building (organization and realizing of contract tenders in building industry)
  • technical control of building process
  • Engineering services in the construction of new high-tech complexes for grain and fruit- and-vegetable processing and storage, milking farms, swine farms, poultry factories and other agricultural buildings. Besides we provide all kinds of activities: from technical and economic analysis and preparation of business plans and design estimates to delivery, installation and implementation of the equipment.

Questions on engineering services are addressed on the phone: +375 29 6397703. Yuri Bokan

The whole work package the specialists of the Center do only together with the customer:

  • the research of input and output parameters of the whole technological process;
  • the estimate of a necessary equipment efficiency and qualitative reliability;
  • the analysis of the finding and assistance to a customer in complying the objective;
  • equipment selection, the preparation and coordination of the objective;
  • agreement on the project price;
  • the term fixing of building, assembly and implementing operations;
  • the project realization and the project deadline;
  • personnel training;
  • free of charge consultations during the life cycle.

Questions on the building process address at phone: +375 17 281–78–24 Siarhei Burda

Designing of Documentation Package on Agricultural Machines and Equipment

Training on Contemporary Innovative Technologies:

Topic of the study
Aim of the course
Account people
Price, mln BR
Cultivation of the grain crops by different methods
Studying of technological provisions of different methods of grain crop cultivation Bakach N.
Lepeshkin N.
Stepuk L.
Rusakov V.
Cultivation methods, after-harvesting processing and before-selling potato preparation
Application of cultivation methods, after-harvesting processing and before-selling potato preparation with regard to different nature and climate conditions, mechanization means to realize it A. Rapinchuk
D. Komlach
V. Rusakov
Corn growing technology for forage
Studying of corn cultivation technologies and laying-in of silage, and machinery sets to realize it. I. Labotski
Y. Bashko
V. Rusakov
Technological methods of cow keeping on the pilot milking-farm “Zazerye” of the State Unitary Enterprise “SPC NAS Belarus for Agricultural Mechanization”
Studying of feeding, milking and manure cleaning technologies on the farm. Y. Bashko
N. Kapustin
V. Rusakov
V. Klybik
Machinery system for scientific-grounded production technologies of the main kinds of crop and animal produce
  V. Volodkevich
A. Lenski
N. Bakach
A. Rapinchuk

Trip organization to international expositions

We offer you to visit international expositions:

  • Agritechnika-2015, Hannover, Germany, 10.11–14.11. 2015

The list of services includes: 

  • journey by a comfortable bus to the place of destination and back
  • room reservation in a hotel
  • visa support
  • consultation during the exposition visit

Questions on application are addressed at: ph. +375 17 280–14–73, +375 17 281–63–11, +375 29 660 60 16  
Minsk, Andrei Haurylavets — head of the Department of Implementation, Development and Activity Arrangement of the Centre.

Short-term leasing:


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A large assembly hall of 180 seats. On the 4th floor of the main building of the Center. There is a projector (the picture is duplicated on the main screen and on the 2 plasma displays of the diagonal “50”), accompanying sound, recording system, interactive board “15”. Air conditioning makes conferences comfortable.


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A small conference hall up to 60 seats. On the 4th floor of the main building of the Center. There is a projector board of the diagonal “66”, accompanying sound, air condition.

Questions on the leasing are addressed at: ph. +375 17 280–44–30.

Offers to cooperate.

We are looking for a partner to produce new technology.

Name of the machine
Equipment for mulch loading in pre-trunks belts.  Approved for the patent on 14.04.2010. 
Transport loader of mineral fertilizes. Patent for the innovation №12640
All-to-do vegetable cultivatorPatent from 30.04.2010.
Moist crop roller. Patent for invention №11221. Patent for usable model № 3290
Automated mixer of moist forage.Patent for usable model № 4284.
Air cleaning setPatent for usable model №5172
Complete set for sprinklingPatent for usable model № 3101. Patent for usable model №6021