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Traditions and innovations are the basis of success

The Republican Unitary Enterprise “Pilot Plant” of  RUE “SPC NAS of Belarus for agricultural mechanization” was founded in 1958. Its basic activity has become the manufacturing of pilot and test samples of agricultural machinery according the developments of the Center’s scientific laboratories. Besides, the Enterprise develops and manufactures optional/ nonstandard equipment, provides with machining attachments, produces sets of innovative technologies for agricultural production.
Keeping to the traditions and following scientific-and-technological advance the managers of the Center have assigned a task to re-equip the material and technical basis of the Enterprise. Only in such a way it is possible to produce qualitative and up-to-date pilot and test samples of contemporary and efficient agricultural equipment, to attract customers and gain their respect, to maintain a position in the market.
In 2006 there started a reconstruction of the plant’s workshops and technical re-equipment with new machinery. Purchasing of machine tools, assembling of plasma-arc metal cutting, benders, special line for tool dying, have enabled to enter Year 2010 – the “Year of quality”.  Another proof of a high technological level of production is the victory in the international tender on the supply of assembly units and components for a self-propelled turner of flax ribbons of the French company Dehondt Technologies, and also golden, silver and bronze medals granted on the Russian International Exposition “Golden Autumn” in 2006–2010.  The plant keeps to old traditions in production of soil-cultivation machines, tillage machines, harvesting and processing machines for potato, and equipment for animal husbandry.
 Specialists of the Enterprise together with the scientists of the Center provide instructions for the staff in manufacturing setup, maintenance and servicing, and also conduct instructions in safety measures by the work on a complex modern agricultural machinery that is produced by the plant. There also provided a backup service of the technology.
These new designs are successfully operated in our Republic and in Russia.
All technology and machinery produced by RUE “SPC NAS of Belarus for agricultural mechanization” are supervised by our specialists that enables to make reconditioning and work in contact with farmers, for whom the machines are produced.
The present achievements of the plant are the consequence of a committed work on quality assurance of the produced equipment that is in line with international standards.