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Transport loader of mineral fertilizes TZY-9

Used for the transportation of solid mineral fertilizers from storehouses to the field, and for the loading of fertilizers in spreaders. By the installation of a detachable adapter it can be used as a spreader of fertilizers.

Patent for invention №12640

Technical Feature

Unitized with a tractor of the class 2,0; 3,0
Efficiency in 1 hour, hectare:

  • by loading, tons
    • by applying solid pelletized fertilizers, hectare
    • by applying solid crystalline fertilizers, hectare
Operating coverage by the applying of solid mineral fertilizers, m:

  • pelletized fertilizers
  • crystalline fertilizers
Operating speed by the applying fertilizers, km per hour 8–12
Transport speed, km per hour up to 30
Carrying capacity, kg 9000
Dozes of the applying fertilizers, kg per hectare: 150–1000
Charging height, mm (till the supporting wheels) up to 2900
Height by the loading of fertilizers in spreaders, mm 2700
Losses by the loading, % up to 0,3