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Automated control system of herd SUS-1000

The automated control system of herd SUS-1000 provides:

  • Primary zoo-technical account;
  • Individual computer calculation of milk yield;
  • Compatibility with the whole line of milking machines of machine-tool type of the design of RUE “SPC NAN of Belarus for agricultural mechanization”


  • Type: stationary, fixed.
  • Automated separation of cows on the exit from the milking hall through double-line separation frame according to zootechnician’s tasks and operators’ commands from the milking places.
  • Operating voltage of the separation frames and milking installations is constant – 24 volt.
  • Identification of cows in the milking hall on the separated milking places and in separation frames; radio frequency — 134.2 kHz, TIRIS – compatible transponders on collars.
  • Centralized management of the process equipment from the zootechnician’s computer.
  • Structured graphic expression of the herd with fast identification of cows.
  • Identification of cows – individual and group — according to numbers, terms of veterinary measures, user’s indicators.
  • The planning of milking release and calving.
  • Automated formation of the print reports.
  • Automated data exchange with DOS-version of the automated operating place “Cattle Base” on the farm level.
  • Operating system of the zootechnician’s working place — MS Windows XP Professional (SP2 and older).
  • Continuous development, system integration of newly developed means of dairy farm technological process.