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“The Scientific and Practical Center for agricultural mechanization” has become a winner of a state award for quality

“The Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of sciences for agricultural mechanization” has for the first been awarded a State Prize for quality.

“We were approaching this award for a long time, — said General director of the Center Vladimir Samosyuk. – We have reviewed the whole process of project documentation making, have completely reconstructed our management system, the staff of the Center have not once been trained in different spheres including management of quality”.

In 2008 the Center was awarded the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001:2009, but to reach the State award we had to do much more work. Of late years there was done the retooling of material and technical basis of the Center. For this we have invested 20 billion of belorussian rubles. There were created new workplaces for scientists and engineers that are equipped with high end computers for drawings making; we have purchased new software. There was renewed and reconstructed the Center’s print shop that multiplies project documentation. So, there appeared a possibility to involve the existing supercomputer that is placed in the Academy of Sciences. And now we are able to carry out tests not only when the pilot samples are created, but also on the design stage by modeling real conditions with computer.

To be awarded the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001:2009 the Center had to build on its pilot plant a new pilot workshop with up-to-date equipment that enables to construct new machinery samples quicker. They are tested on a private proving ground “Zazerye” that also has received a certificate.

The pilot plant of the Center has not yet got the state certificate but has already been awarded with the International prize for quality. In the end of March in Madrid it was honoured with a gold medal “New Millenium Award”. So, during the year the produce of the plant can be labeled with special signs that are well known in the European Union and outside it.

The result of our work is not only represented by the State award but also by real intakes to the budget. In 2010 in the Republic of Belarus the produce was turned out to the sum of 43 billion belorussian rubles (138 million of dollars). According to the results of the first quarter 2011 the produced yield amounts 20 million of dollars. The scientists expect the indicators of the previous year will be exceeded for 20–25%. It concerns not only the machinery produced for domestic agricultural sector, but also includes export. We have customers in the Customs Union, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the European Union.

We plan to improve development systems, to give a certificate to the pilot plant and proving ground. Our scientists are intended to cooperate efficiently with the producers of technical equipment that use the documentation of the Center, with the aim to achieve the highest quality of the produce. According to the words of general director Samosyuk Vladimir the staff is not intended to stop on the achieved results. Besides certification according the standards of the Customs Union the Center is going to get the documentation under the requirements of the EU of DIN- system.

A. Zhukov
Magazine “Agriculture of Belarus”